La Reine des Macarons

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La Reine des Macarons LLC


We create new seasonal inspirations and new flavors upon our clients' requests. Here is an example of our menu:

Almond - Apricot - Berries & Cream - Colombian Coffee - Caramel - Champagne - Chocolate -  Chocolate      

                  Chocolate Earl Grey - Chocolate Grand Marnier - Chocolate Lavender - Chocolate Hazelnut

Chocolate w/ Whiskey & Honey - Dark Chocolate - Dulce de Leche - Espresso - French Apple Tart

Jasmine - Lemon Curd - Rose & Lychee - Mango - Salted Caramel - Green Tea - Pistachio - Pumpkin Spice

Raspberry - Vanilla Bean - White Chocolate

Our Macarons & Flavors

Artisan & Gourmet

All our French Macarons are naturally gluten-free and are hand mixed and piped in the traditional artisan method.  You will delight in fresh gourmet food because we know that you will not settle for less!